Letter from FAPE

Letter from FAPE, regarding "Connections" installation by KC Fabrications.
July 3, 2018/by sdevine

José Martí rides again in Havana thanks to American donations and a famous statue

José Martí rides again in Havana thanks to American donations and a famous statue.
July 2, 2018/by sdevine

US Embassy’s new sculpture in Beijing aims to connect

Connecting, a monumental sculpture specifically designed for the United States Embassy in Beijing by Martin Puryear, was officially unveiled at the embassy on May 8.
July 2, 2018/by sdevine

Dan Colen on His Rollicking, Career-Spanning Show at Damien Hirst’s Gallery in London

“I saw the flag on the New York Thruway, and I called up the flag company to see if I could get one,” Colen explained. “Then we had the concrete block that it’s supposed to be set in, and the flagpole. I tried to stage it in 2010, but it just wouldn’t work.”
July 2, 2018/by sdevine

FAPE: Martin Puryear, Beijing, China

In 2008, FAPE commissioned Martin Puryear to create a work of art for the U.S. Embassy in Beijing.
December 1, 2016/by sdevine
Michael Heizer, Altars. Photo Credit: New York Times, Washington Post, Gagosian Gallery

Michael Heizer at Gagosian Gallery

Artist Michael Heizer, long known for pushing the boundaries of scale in sculpture, just barely reined in his monumental tendencies for his new show at Gagosian’s Chelsea gallery in New York.
December 17, 2016/by sdevine
Obama Dedicates 9/11 Memorial Museum

Obama Dedicates 9/11 Memorial Museum

President Obama on Thursday dedicated the long-awaited museum commemorating the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, with a mournful elegy to the victims, a stirring tribute to the heroes and a firm resolve to never let terrorists shatter the spirit of America.
December 22, 2016/by sdevine

Christine Corday: Protoist Series, Selected Forms

Protoist Series, Selected Forms is the artist’s first solo presentation at an American museum and the culmination of her work replacing the paintbrush with the heat of a plasma torch.
December 14, 2016/by sdevine

Folk Art Facade to be Preserved

The New York Times has reported that MoMA has decided to preserve the main facade, at least in storage.
December 1, 2016/by sdevine

President Obama and First Lady Join Services to Commemorate Tenth Anniversary of 9/11

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are marking the tenth anniversary of the worst attacks on our country by joining ceremonies at each of the three sites where the planes crashed on September 11, 2001.
December 5, 2016/by sdevine

A Show of Strength after 9/11

Photo: Chris Powers, of KC Fabrications, one of the thousands of workers constructing the memorials at the Freedom Tower.
January 5, 2017/by sdevine
LA Times Photo by Mike Segar-POOL.jpg

The World Observes 10-year Anniversary of Sept. 11

Ten years after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and the downing of United Airlines Flight 93 in Shanksville, Pa., the world remembers.
January 5, 2017/by sdevine
Ground zero at daybreak on Sunday. Credit James Estrin:The New York Times

On 9/11, Vows of Remembrance

They played the bagpipes again and recited the names of the dead like poetry. Bells tolled, and requiems by President Obama and other dignitaries filled the amphitheater of ground zero on Sunday as America looked back upon a contagion of terrorism and war and renewed its vows of remembrance.
January 5, 2017/by sdevine
Construction workers Chris Powers and Kurt Wulfmeyer at the 9/11 Memorial site. Joao Costa/Yahoo! News

The 9/11 Memorial

Chris Powers and Kurt Wulfmeyer, of KC Fabrications, at the 9/11 Memorial site. The 9/11 Memorial Slide Show, Yahoo News
January 5, 2017/by sdevine

Martin Puryear Presented with the National Medal of Arts

We are pleased to congratulate our client, Martin Puryear, for being a recipient of the 2011 National Medal of Arts for his contributions as a contemporary American sculptor.
December 1, 2016/by sdevine
New Yorkers rush to finish World Trade Center Memorial

New Yorkers Rush to Finish World Trade Center Memorial

On 11 September it will be exactly a decade since al-Qaeda flew passenger jets into the New York skyscrapers, the Twin Towers. A third plane crashed into America’s military headquarters the Pentagon and a fourth crashed in a field when passengers tried to overpower their hijackers.
January 5, 2017/by sdevine

Official 9/11 Memorial Museum Tribute In Time-Lapse 2004-2014

Official 9/11 Memorial Museum Tribute In Time-Lapse 2004-2014
December 12, 2016/by sdevine