Metropolitan Transportation Authority Arts & Design

All Engineering, Fabrication, Installation

George Bates, Generation Dynamica, Central Avenue Station, Myrtle Line, NYC

Beatrice Coron, On the Right Track, 104th St. Station, NYC

Kim Cridler, The Mamaroneck Arch, Mamaroneck Station, Westchester, NY

Priscila DeCarvalho, Bronx: Heart, Homeland, Castle Hill Avenue St., NYC

Ellen Driscoll, Bronze Casting Restoration, Grand Central Terminal, NYC

Loren Eiferman, Home: Inside/ Outside, Pelham Station, Westchester, NY

Dan Funderburgh, Eureka, Fordham Station, NYC

Linda Ganjian, Home Sweet Home, 111th St. Station, NYC

Alison Saar, Hear the Lone Whistle Moan, Harlem- 125th St. Station, NYC

Joy Taylor, Jan Peeck’s Vine, Peekskill Station, Peekskill, NY